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  • We offer the best product, and Provide excellent service
    We offer the best product, and Provide excellent service
    Welcome to Hebei Yichuan
  • We offer the best product, and Provide excellent service
    We offer the best product, and Provide excellent service
    Welcome to Hebei Yichuan

HOT PRODUCT : Steel Tooth Bit、Tci Tricone Bit、HDD Hole Opener、Tricone Bit Cutter、PDC Drag Bit、PDC Bit

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Specializes in drill bits for the drilling industry including oil & gas exploitation, mining, geological prospecting, water well drilling, and construction engineering, Yichuan has a complete product line and specifications, strong R&D ability and professional technical staff.








  • 10 inch 254mm Drag Bit

  • 12 1/4 inch IADC537 Tricone Bit

  • 15 3/4 inch IADC S322

  • 16 inch HDD Hole Opener

  • 17 1/2 inch IADC127

  • 17 1/2 inch IADC537


We have Many years experience in the manufacture of Drilling Equipment products. Always completethe production orders with high quality and great enthusiasm.


We have large scaleproductionindustrial zone,Complete qualityinspection system,Professionaltechnical team support,Well qualified salesteam.



As a professional manufacturer owns comprehensive capability,we have equippedwith modem qualiy machinery.






  • TCI Tricone Bit Cautions

                                                                               TCI Tricone Bit Cautions 1. Before running to the well,the tricone bit should be checked to see whether Bits diameter is in gage,and type of bit whether it is suitable to the formations. The jet nozzles should be ensured to bewell installed of the right size. 2. The well bottom must be kept clean without any falling junks. 3. Don't use the inserted bit when the well bottom is not clean, or there are fallen junks in the bottom, or in any other complicate conditions. 4. After the bit has been screwed on the collar,it may be run into the well, if the bit is stopped by ledges during lowering, the pump should be operated to circulat the mudflow.When the bit is lowered down near the well botton, it should be placed slowly, and the hitch up is not permitted. 5. The bit lowered into the bottom must run for 30 minutes at a low rotaional speed and weight,so that the bit bearing can be fitted and a new well bottom pattern can be made. And thengradually increase the drill weight to the normal value. 6. During drilling, Operation must be steady, and the feed must be even. 7. Rotary speed of the bit must be strictly controlled in the recommended range. Drilling weight must increase evenly and the suddenly apply the weight is not permitted. 8. The driller must concentrate upon the operation out of control of drum brake is not permitted. If any abnormal vibration or shock occurs in drilling, analysis and proper measures must be taken in time. 9. It is normal that the cone of a new sealed bearing bit can not rotate freely by hand.Don'tput the bit into an oil pool to lubricate the seal or hit the bit for turning. 10. All types of bits are generally unsuitable for reaming a hole, especially on enlarging the hole by reaming at a high rotational speed is strictly prohibited. 11. On selecting the drilling parameters according to attached table, weight should be taken. In operation, never select the maximum drilling weight and rotary speed at the same time. 12. The “Recommended Rotary Drilling Measures Applications” must be adopted.
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  • Different PDC bits

    The PDC bit is an abbreviation for Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Bit, also known as polycrystalline diamond cutting block or composite bit. Since the introduction of the PDC cutting block by General Electric Company in 1973 and the development of the first PDC bit, the PDC bit has been widely used in oil drilling due to its advantages of fast drilling speed, long life and high footage. Almost all drill manufacturers have adopted this technology to start producing their own PDC bit series.
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  • Influence of Drilling Pressure of PDC Bit on Drilling

    Drilling pressure is a condition that must be found in the rock under the well. Its condition ensures the method and characteristics of the broken rock, and the straightness affects the speed of the drilling and the method of its destruction. At the time of construction, the PDC type is subjected to axial pressure and the effect of turning, and it is rubbed, dull and destroyed during pressing and cutting of the stone, which will definitely affect the speed of advancement.      The roller cone bit is the most important parameter in drilling, not only to help show its cut to the rock formation, but also to minimize its friction. After doubling the pressure and checking the PDC type at the different level of drilling, the ending shows that different rocks have different speeds when increasing the pressure.
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  • Inspection and precautions before the drill bit enters the well

    Inspection of the cone bit before entering the well (1) Verify that the model has been selected, and the diameter symbol does not meet the demand; (2) The thread and weld seams that have been carefully watched are not in good condition; (3) Check that the nozzle is not firmly fixed, and the water eye should be smooth; make the hand rotate the cone, and its seal should be normal; its pressure compensation procedure should be intact, and the pressure relief hole needs to be blocked. Precautions when drilling a bit into the well (1) The threaded fastener is applied to the threaded oil after the cleaning completion value; (2) choose to use suitable loading and unloading equipment, which can not be banged when it is placed inside; (3) Tightening according to the specified torque when tightening; (4) It is necessary to be stable when performing the drill-down operation, and it is impossible to hard press when it encounters obstacles. The drilling speed in the insert type should be slow to prevent damage in the hard ground and the wellbore unevenness; (5) When you encounter a blind eye when you drill down, you need to remember the depth of the well, the situation of the eye-catching situation, and the situation in which the subsequent judgment is blocked, and the working time is controlled; (6) When drilling down to a certain distance downhole, it is necessary to turn on the pump running turntable and slowly lower it.
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